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Hello guys!
I'm new here so let me introduce myself first :D.
So I'm just a simple teenager with a dream of ever owning a Maserati. My passion of Maserati first started when I saw a Granturismo (normal one) for the first time. And not just one but two at the same time on the streets!

For just only looking to that car my biggest dream became to own one of these.
Now I'm 17 almost 18, I already got my driver's license and I literally can't wait to own one! But I still have to wait a long long time to get my hands on a maserati because I still have to finish my school and university. (doing economy atm)

So to compensate that I started with blogging about all sort of supercars, so maserati was in it too. I already have a blog of my fav maserati, the Granturismo MC Stradale. A very expensive car with awsome performance! (big dreams :p) So here's the link of my blog
HV Supercars - supercar blogs & news
and this is the blog of the maserati MC Stradale
HV Supercars - supercar blogs & news: Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale Price and Specs

go visit it if you have time...

now this was my long intro LOL

My only simple question for you guys are for the one who already own a Maserati!


Just tell me how you felt when you first bought a Maserati (doesn't matter wich one), if I would get my maserati I'll be full of adrenaline :D:D

I'll probably make a blog of the exciting comments!

Thank you everyone :D
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