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Maserati child seat?

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This might sound like a strange question in this forum, but has anybody worked out the ultimate mod for a Coupe, i.e. is there good a childseat for the back seat?

I realise that a two-door 390bhp Italian sports car isn't the obvious choice as a family car, but help me out here in the argument with my wife (who also loves the Maserati). The dealer in Sevenoaks tells me that only volume car makers (Mercedes, bmw, audi etc) bother with paying for ISO certified child seat attachment points and that only "5%" of Maserati buyers have children anyway. Small maket, but shame Maserati doesn't make one in matching leather!
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Not true in the US...manufacturers are required to have child set anchor points in any car that has a back seat I think...

In any case, don't many of them use the seat belts? It has seat belts...

I'd be checking with the child seat manufacturers to find a universal-fitting type seat, rather than going to a Maserati dealership that really couldn't be bothered with something so trivial.
Interesting stats from your dealer (or not).

I have 4 kids, oldest is almost 18 and youngest is only 7 months old.

Through the years I've never had a problem fitting the smaller car seats in my fun cars. All by reputable companies and without ever compromising the safety aspect that such a seat can provide.

Not all cars (or all seats) support the "LATCH" system (at least that is the terminology in the US), but then again a compliant standard seatbelt in the rear seat is perfectly capable of handling the bulk of car seats out there.

If I remember correctly the advantage of the seats that Porsche sells was that they would disable the air bag automatically.

And for what is worth, my wife's Acura MDX (Honda to you in the UK), a bastion of safety, doesn't support LATCH in the middle seats either, which doesn't make much sense.

But by the same token the seat that we recently bought for our youngest, price no object, safety first and then comfort - best seat I've bought so far - could also fit in my GS without a compromise.

Oh well, probably a longer response than you were after, lots of factors in child safety and I don't think that the Maser is better or worse than most.

On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for having excellent brakes and outstanding acceleration for accident avoidance... <g>
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A buddy of mine is trying to figure out how to fit a baby seat in the back of a 911 GT3 he wants :lol: :lol: :lol: that's hardcore.
would those Recaro Start seats work?
both my kids ride in booster seats (these are not tethered, but use the ordinary lap and shoulder belt over the seat) in the back seats fo the Maser. If the kids are smaller (less than 25lbs I think) they require tethered child seats. The Masers (at least in Canada) have tethers on the the rear deck -- these are required by law. The only issue you might have is the "bucket" shape of the rear seats -- you have to find a seat whose width does not exceed the width of the depression. Some smaller booster seats are too wide. Almost any high back seat with a smaller lower seat will fit quite nicely. I had assumed, before I brought my car home, that I would have to put some type of foam insert to create a level "base" for the car seat to fit into, but the seats I have fit snugly and low into the seat.

By the way, I sold the Maser here at home as a 4 seater family car :wink:
porsche do a child seat for the back of 911s which might work for you depending on age of the child. i was able to fit on inside an aston db7 but agian not isofix just seat belts.
my back seats have one Britax front facing (up to 40lb) convertible seat, and one booster with a backrest and a seatbelt guide. They are in there permanently. I do not use the latch system since my car seat is older (hooks are standard in the 2002) but i do use the back parcel shelf tether.
Pics are on fchat.
The fact that the kids can go in the back was the whole reason I was "allowed" to purchase a 400 hp exotic. It is a family car, this coupe....

Child seats

My 5 year old's Simpson racing child seat fits in my 03 coupe using ISOFIX. My 2 year old daughter's Britax Roundabout fits just as well.

No problem having 2 little kids in the back of the Maserati. I tell people I had to buy a Maserati 4 seater as a family car. A lot more practical than my old Corvette for kids.

Both seats are forward facing obviously and are tethered (you should even tether when using the belts to install).
We often take the Coupe out to dinner, but we're now down to just one Britax booster seat, so it is an easy install.
finally dug up the pics of mine in the back of my o2 coupe GT


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Ok, I have read all the threads and am confused on one point.

Are there ANY rear facing car seats for infants that will fit in a US Spec Coupe's back seat?

If so, can I please have a brand and model number.

britax gallaxy is what I used. Rear facing. It is in my attic. You can have it if you are close by in norcalifornia.
To complete this thread for others considering a QP as family car I attach a few pictures of the setup I ended up with. Works very well, and I can't think of a better sports car for somebody with kids.
Wheels: Bugaboo Cameleon (from the Netherlands)
Seat: Maxi-Cosi

- Toffe


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Child booster seat for Gran Turismo

The Booster seat by Clek fits in perfectly and attaches to the latch system. They have 2 models and sell for either $59 or $89. Cheap and practical.
I've been using a regular Graco forward-facing child seat from Babies-R-Us in the back seat of the GS, with a rolled-up towel and a seat protector underneath. It has a separate base so you can buy more than one base and switch the seat between multiple cars. Works just fine with the LATCH system. Same seat can be used as a rear-facing seat, with flipped base, I see no reason why it won't work.

Also, it's helpful if you first do a search of the forum, there are a few threads, including with pictures, of members with child seats.
I have had my 2005 CC coupe since my children were babies. I had a rear facing Graco seat, I believe, and it fit fine except on the drivers side I couldn't slide my seat back as far. It was fine on the passenger side. When the seats were changed to forward facing seats, I went to a Combi brand which matched my bordeaux colored seats perfectly and fit great. With forward facing seats it does not restrict seat position at all and I have 2 forward facing seats now for my children (ages 4 and 3) fact we are all going to drive to Grandma's house right now soon as I finish this.

Nine has the latch system and it is quite easy to hook up the seats. The kids love the car...they say Daddy's car is fast!!!! Can we go in your car Daddy.
Are there any car seats for a 19-month old that I can fit into a GT trunk? GT trunk is probably the same size as a Coupe's trunk. Something cost effective is good, since my kid rides in the Gt maybe 1~2 a month. I'm just tired of taking the carseat out of my other car and putting it in my GT.
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