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Hello all,
My name is Unai. I am an old paintings dealer. The other day I done a deal with an ex-owner of a Maserati. I bought a few paintings and I also bought two brand new Maserati bags from him. One is a clothes holder/carrier and the other one I would guess is a shoe organizer?
The holder has a little mark on the bottom, I am sure is quite easy to remove it but I rather don’t touch it just in case I make it worse.
Anyway, I went yesterday to the dealers in Colchester in Essex to get some advice.
They told me that indeed the bags are 100% genuine and that they are quite collectable as Maserati does not do anything similar anymore. The man who gave me advice told me that the bags are around 15-20 years old and back them they were worth around £1000 each. I was wondering if anyone has any extra information of them or even if anyone is interested in buying them for the right price please get in touch.
Wishing you all a great day


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