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A candid insight, he goes on to explain that while the exhaust note of a Maserati is important, the brand’s values can also be found in the design, pedigree, history and exclusivity of its models. But its newest car will bring to the fore a trait one simply assumes is a part of any fine Italian machine: performance.

Set to launch as early as next year, we had a chance to sit down with Maserati Chief Marketing Officer Saad Chehab at the Canadian International Auto Show to discuss the upcoming Alfieri sports car. He confirmed the car’s production and said that the brand hopes to launch it in 2016, though he did comment that the Levante SUV will arrive first and that Maserati wants to give each model proper breathing room in the media spotlight.

Photos, or even an up-close and personal inspection may not reveal it, but the Alfieri is significantly smaller than the brand’s GranTurismo coupe. Chehab points out that measured bonnet to boot it’s roughly a foot shorter.
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