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Hi there !

I drove my maserati 3200 gt `03 year

Not pulling accel pedal just driving normal then i stopped and after 2-3 minutes i saw ERROR OIL !!!
I immideately accelerate and it gone off. But after two days i saw an even
worse CHECK ENGINE !!! light
I drove normal in a small traffic about 40 km/h and didnt even noticed that check engine is became visible on my panel !!! i stopped turn off and then on. Nothing happened its still appeared. Now its every time i turn the ignition on !!!

I didnt drive like a maniac i drove gentle and now its lights all the way.
What you suggest to do ? I call to Dealer and it said that they can see my
car only next month because there is a big queue.

I didnt see any difference in driving and everything else.
What u think about this ?
Can i drive with this check engine light till i go to dealer (its about 23 days from now)?

Today will try to turn off the battery.
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