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I just picked up a Ferrari 360 seat (I've started a side business, coming soon), and the base and motors are exactly the same (and both have "LEARS" as the only manuf. info on it). The only difference (besides the tops of the seats) is the electrical connectors do differ at the far end, although they start as the same from the motors, even the seat belt receiver and electrical leads are the same. If you didn't like your current seats and found a deal on a set of used Ferrari ones, they'll bolt up perfectly in car. I'm not 100% sure yet, but I'm about 90% sure the 430/360 and V12 models all use the same seat base.

If anyone wants pictures, let me know and I'll take some and post.

BTW, if anyone wants to place an early order before the website it up, I'm fabricating actual race seats and perf. car seats into office chairs. Currently available: Maserati (coupe, black/red stitching), Porsche (GT3, black/white stitching), Ferrari (360, tan/red piping), Ferrari (F40, carbon/kevlar, red fabric). Prices range from $1500-$3500 a seat. PM me for more details.
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