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After changing the battery (no I did not go through the seat initialization process) I checked if my Memory2 setting was still stored, and the seat tried to crush me to death against the steering wheel. I tried everything I knew, all the reset procedures but the seat was dead. One of the fuses had blown (Brow seat heater one) I changed it and disconnected the battery and went through it all again. Nothing.
Eventually called the AA. Hours later he had taken the seat out and got it in to a position in which I can drive the car (it is still dead but heater works). In the process, the passenger seat is now dead and fully prone in the "lovers" position.
Left it disconnected over night but no change.
Question: is there a fuse specifically for the seats - not in the manual. Or am I looking at dead ECU's, if so is that a big job?
Sorry for the rant but any help most welcome.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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