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Good afternoon everyone! I am new to this forum. I have information about all electronic units (a description of how they work, more than 100 files), wiring, connectors in each node, wiring colors, 74 files of service bulletins, full engine overhaul course (F136 UC – F136 UD), and a lot of paid information from the Maserati tech info website. I spent approximately 12 hours downloading and sorting this information. It is well sorted into folders and each file is named according to its content. This information applies to the 2008 quattroporte automatic. It also can be applied to GT (GranCabrio) in many ways and older/newer QP.

I would like to know how relevant this information is in this forum. I am ready to share it with you for a very small fee.

There is google doc file, where we will write everyone who wants to buy this pack. the price will be $ 35 for 1 participant. This is 1/3 of the cost of daily access to the tech info website, but all the information is already collected and ready to use.
Quattroporte wiring order
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