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I had posted this info on the "other Italian" section of FerrariChat and thought it wiuld be pertinent to MaseratiForum also.

Lowering the coupe or the spyder (Sky Hook)
It's really a very easy job because of the Sky Hook suspension.
Buy a set of spring compressors (belt type is MUCH easier). Jack the car up and put it on jack stands.
There is a big (3")spanner nut (on the bottom of the lower shock collar, tap it counterclockwise to loosen it.
Screw it down until you have the desired distance between the collar (the one holding the spring) and the lower nut. I uscrewed mine until I had 1" between the two.
Now, compress the spring to take pressure off the threaded spring collar.
The collar is now ready to be turned counter clockwise until it touches the lower nut which is already in the desired position.
Make sure the rubber spring mounting guides are flush around the top and the bottom of the spring and make even contact with the top and bottom spring collars. Now slowley release the spring until it's seated on the upper and the lower collar.
Tighten the bottom spanner locking nut by turning or tapping it clockwise against the lower shock collar.
Now, only three more wheels to go! It only took me 3 hrs in my garage last weekend. After I finished I took the car to be aligned to be on the safe side. It did need a little touch up but I don't know if that was because of the lowering or not.
I've also built a custom exhaust that replaces the resonators and it sounds great. I'll post a wav file when I get a chance.
If you have any Qs PM me, be glad to help.

Rick . . . .
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