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Lowered the suspension

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Thanks to the excellent service at Scottsdale Motorsports. The tech. managed to lower front and back by about 1.75". It looks like a new animal and now gets even more curious stares.


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Here is a before.


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Another picture of it lowered.


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the car looks great....

i've read others who have said the ride softens, which is a 180 to what lowering usually does...

what is your feeling on the handling?

If the car rides less stiff, and more bouncy, then as much as I want to do it, it would not accomplish my intentions...

I currently have a lowered MBZ c43 and a Lotus Elan, lowered which are both outhandling the Maserati. I am attributing this to the elevated ride height of the Maserati.....I am hoping that by lowering i can kill 2 birds with better looks, and better (tighter, better cornering) handing. .....if it is better looks, with cushier ride, Im out.....

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Lookin' good Stardoc. Much more aggressive, nice job!
For those of you that doubt the fact that lowering this car softens the ride just pull off a wheel and study the geometry. The top spring cup does NOT reside on the shock it's on the uni-body so screwing the bottom cup up pushes the body higher. If the top cup was mounted to the shock (like most coil overs) the opposite would happen.
Thanks for the compliments everyone. Demoe, I agree with Sunburn. The ride seems to be slightly softer, just discernable however I believe the lower center of gravity negates any loss in spring tension. As a result although I haven't had a chance to drive the car much yet, I would say that there is not much of a change in handling.
Jul. 22, 2005

...and your impressions after three weeks are...???
Paco, the car esthetically is absolutely beautiful. Not sure why Maserati did not close the wheel gaps in the first place. It takes the look closer to a Maranello. The wide hips in the back hug the wheels in a different way now.
Handling wise, the suspension is definately MUCH softer. I was expecting a certain degree of softening but not this much. Possibly because we were pretty aggressive in how much the car was lowered. High speed corners above 90mph require a bit more concentration before the Skyhook kicks in.
Personally I'm looking at options toward changing the coilovers but not sure if that is possible with the skyhook.
Thanks for your reply!!!

The part of the suspension becoming much softer is what worries me a bit, our roads are nowhere near as good as yours and the "pediatrician" :D tells me that I could be rubbing my belly from time to time and very sensitive parts like the control for the Cambiocorsa could be in grave danger.

Factory specs for model year 2004 - 2005 are:

Front 177 mm within +/- 4mm

Rear 188 mm within +/- 5mm

meassurements must be taken with a full tank of gas and 160 lbs. on each of the two front seats

I wonder what would be the result if I cut one or two loop on the springs... have you heard of anybody giving that a try...???
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I've thougth about cutting the coilovers shorter but not many shops are willing to do that. The skyhood software is calibrated to a certain tension and although it is probably already off after lowering, tuning shops worry about possible liability the search goes on.
Same result here.
My ride became much softer after lowering the car (Skyhook).
Generally, not a problem.
However, I drive over a concrete bridge about 2 miles long when I drive the car to work.
If I'm in normal mode, the front end of the car will bounce excessively across the bridge, where in sport, it's to a minimum.
I drive it in sport 100% of the time now.
To get it riding better, it seems like it needs stiffer valving on the rebound (droop) setting of the shocks.
Lowering the car an inch and a half should not affect the springs rate (vs travel), unless the springs are progressive.
I'll look into it.
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That third photo looks awesome, I'm glad the dealer was able to do a good job.
I don't know much about the skyhook, I understand it is computer controlled... if it is, then... could the suspension be stiffen via programming...???
Based on my past experience with many cars, and not seeing how the Maserati is any different, I would STRONGLY, discourage cutting the springs. The spring rate will be changed and the ride may become excessively harsh, or very very bouncy. I've tried it twice on BMWs and realized I should have leanred the first time.....if anything, i'd wait to see if anyone like Eibach sees demand and designs a specific lowering spring

I thank you guys for sharing your experinces, you do not know who often I wake up on a Saturday AM, and am tempted to drive over to my mechanic to lower my Spider......the thought of softening vs stiffening (which is what I am looking for), the car just will not work for me.
Does anyone know if the Skyhook suspension system is adaptive to individual drivers? Reason being here are some observations since the Maser. was lowered. Initially I was quite dissapointed with the softness of the suspension as the car leaned considerably in sharp turns until it reached an equalibrium, almost as if the computer was trying to figure out the correct level of stiffness throughout the corner. As mentioned, high speed corners were always pretty scary as the car leaned and then corrected itself and back.
Since then, the suspension seems to have stiffened up and cornering has become ALOT more stable, if in fact even better than before (I attribute it to the lower center of gravity). Not sure if its that I've become better at handling the car or that the SKYHOOK is adapting to the conditions.
Any thoughts out there would be appreciated.
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My spyder is lowered and I love it!
What kinds of Maserati aftermarket products do you sell? Also, did you notice any handeling drawbacks after lowering your car?
What kinds of Maserati aftermarket products do you sell? Also, did you notice any handeling drawbacks after lowering your car?
Right now we offer most of the name brand stuff. Unfortunantely there isn't much out there. I am in the process of beginning a sponsorship on this website and will be planning a few products to put out. Some of these will include exhaust manifolds (we made some for the f355 and got a very nice hp gain 15whp peak and 25whp throughout some parts), exhaust, some sort of carbon fiber intake, and some ecu tuning done by a third party but adjusted for our needs. I think basically some extensive bolt ons to get the Maser up to around 380-390whp which would be plenty enough in my opinion. We will probably do something extreme for the few out there who want insane amounts of power such as a twin supercharger or turbocharger kit. Everything is all in the brainstorming process right now but exhaust manifolds and exhaust are a definantely going to be a first.

As far as my car, I'll be honest it was lowered when I bought it so I really can't tell you how it would be compared to stock. But compared to other Spyders I've seen, lowered the car looks so much nicer.

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