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Loudlink and coupe

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I own a 2006 coupe cambriocorsa. I dont have a CD changer. Will the loudlink work for me. site says that it is for maserati 4200.
thanks for your help
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Molto Interessante!

This is very appealing to me. I've lost my Ipod, having previously used the IceLink controller for my 4200. Though this would be a car-specific installation, it basically would replace the Ipod. Question, though: Will this unit allow for random playback? The Ipod could be set that way, so while driving and using the IceLink, if a song came on that you didn't want to hear, you simply hit the CD forward button on the dash and a new randomly selected song would begin. If there's no option for a random playback, then the same order of songs would be present for each short trip, which would drive me crazy. I've sent the LoudLink people a question about this, as I was unable to find anything on their website relative to random playback or Maserati interfacing in general. How many songs can you get on an 8GB SD card, by the way?
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