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Los Angeles area mechanics?

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I just bought a used 2007 QP that comes off warranty in 30 days. I live near West Hollywood, which is between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

I'm looking for a mechanic in the area that is not a dealership. I took the QP to my local Beverly Hills dealer to have them look it over prior to going off-warranty and was shocked at the prices they charge. For example, I need new brakes soon, including rotors, and they want to charge something like $1400 per axle. IE $2800 for all four wheels. that strikes me as insane. Obviously, I need to find an independent mechanic who has experience with Maserati's within a reasonable distance.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks so much. Deeply appreciated.
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lol yea thats about right for brakes buddy..
Eddie Rodriguez in Whittier is your guy 562-650-1732. He does end of warranty inspections as well as anything else. This link is about my experience with Eddie.
In OC, Helmut at Cavallini Motorsports in Newport Beach is excellent. He's worked on my Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, and Maserati and is also an approved Formula Dynamics mechanic. He knows these cars inside and out.
Lots of great reports on Eddie Rodriquez from members here.
Thanks guys for the tips. much appreciated. I will follow up next week.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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