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Hello everyone! I am new to this forum & looking to purchase a pre-owned Coupe. Cambio or GT? pros/cons... is the SMG really that bad on the clutch?!

I am looking at purchasing a pre-owned 03' Cambio Coupe w/skyhook. I just sold my E-46 M3 & am looking to replace it with another GT Coupe. Anything that I should look for in particular? What should I look to pay for a ultra clean 03' Coupe? How is maintainance after the warranty expires? I absolutely love the sound of the 4.2, it's simply amazing.

*** I have yet to drive one, although can anyone give me any insight on comparison of the M3 SMG to the Cambio Coupe?

Also, can a Gran Sport front spoiler & side sills be fitted to a standard Coupe? What street suspensions are available for the Maserati, to lower the car but still have a supple ride?

Thanks for the input in advance!


Just purchased an amazing Noble M400, we expect delivery shortly!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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