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Hi guys,

I've been doing a lot of research lately and the insight that you all have shared has been tremendous as well. I still have a bunch of questions and would appreciate any and all insight...

What are some of the main issues/costs that these cars face? Annual costs?

When purchasing what checks and balances can I look for to see that the car has been properly maintained?

Do I have to have the clutch installed or oil changed by a maserati/ferrari dealer? Or can I have local shop do that work?

How often or after how many miles does the car need to be serviced or "tuned up"?

I found a 2002 GT with 10k miles and seemingly in great condition...what would be a good price for it?

Should I wait until winter to buy for a lower price?

Sorry I know this is a lot but I just want to do this right...THANK YOU so much for your help in advance and hopefully I'll be in one the next couple of months...


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