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Looking to be a Maserati Owner - Help!

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Hi all,

I have read through a number of the posts on here and have got a lot of good info -- thanks to all that have posted. It's been very helpful.

I'm looking at getting a toy car, and have narrowed it down to an 02 Spyder CC and an 06 Corvette. I really like the Spyder, but am a little nervous regarding the ongoing maintenance and unpredictability of it (clutch wear, f1 pump, rattles, etc). I have talked to the dealer regarding these questions, but I wanted to try and get a read from some people that have had these for awhile. The dealer seems pretty trustworthy and very knowledgeable, but you never know. How concerned should I be with the following:

1) What is an "average" maintenance cost per year I should expect, with the idea in mind it will be driven between April and October about 5k mi.
2) What do I need to know about storing it for the winter?
3) How often have you had to get service work done (outside of the service intervals)
4) Is there anything else I need to know about the Spyder CC (maybe things you were suprised by)?
5) Anything else I should ask the dealer (about the car) before I purchase?
6) Any guess on how much depreciation you would expect over the next few years.

The Corvette seems like the more reliable choice--easier for service, resale, new vs. used, etc..but after driving the's an amazing driving experience!! I just want to make sure I know the whole story.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Buy the Maserati

Having owned Porsches, BMW's, Mercedes, Jags, etc. and driven lots of Vettes, I just purchased an 03 Spyder. Nothing compares to the Maserati. You only live once!
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