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Looking for best aftermarket stereo/GPS/Bluetooth for GS/Aftermarket seat heaters

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Some of you know I just purchased the '06 Nero Carbonio GS from Maser of Minn. and have a couple of questions. I know there have been some other posts in the past regarding this subject, specifically some references to Pioneer, Alpine and Dension. Although I don't believe the Dension was referenced along w/ GPS functionality. The purpose of starting this thread is to see if anyone has done any research and/or had success identifying the "best" combination of hi-end stereo, GPS w/ pop out/up screen, Ipod integration and Bluetooth integration for hands-free cell phone usage here in the US. I do a fair amount of travel to clients and phone calling during those trips, and noticed that the GS is nicely situated for an aftermarket swap of the head unit. I can keep the Becker in case I sell the car and give the new owner the option of either unit. would it be better to try to replace the Becker w/ a Becker for continuity purposes, or does it not matter at all? Should I consider any other functionality while I'm considering this change? (i.e. larger amp or subwoofer, etc? I'm actually fine w/ the Auditorium 200 I have sound quality-wise).

Also, I'd be very interested in finding out what you all are finding success with in terms of CURRENT radar detection units. I have had a Valentine One(V1), which so far, has served me pretty well, but I certainly would love to be able to have my windshield/dash/console free of suction cups and wires. I replaced the coiled wire w/ a straight wire ordered from V1, since the cigarette lighter was further away from the windshield in the GS vs the '04 CC I had prior.

One last question: I realized after purchasing the car, that it actually did NOT have the memory and heated seats. Memory is not that big of a deal, but here in NJ, the heated seats would be nice. That said, I recall the heated seats in my '04 CC not being very effective. Typically, you didn't really sense their presence until the engine and cabin heater were so warmed up that the entire cabin was warm enough not to feel the need for the seat heaters any longer. Has anyone had experience with aftermarket seat heaters for the GS?? I assume it would be no different for the CC or Spyder as well.

Any feedback on any of the above would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a Valentine 1, hardwired in, so you really don't see much clutter.

I also use a TomTom 700 for hands-free phone + GPS. Cheaper and better than the factory nav system, although the cords are annoying. They make a hardwire kit but a permanent mount would be an issue for me.
Upgrading Stereo

I have an 04 spyder with the nav system. I have been searching for upgrades to the stereo for a while and have found out its a very difficult prospect. Many shops are willing to do the work, but have never worked on Masers before though they say they have worked on other exotics. At present a shop I am working with is trying to put something together. I will be keeping the main unit. I will be using Focal speakers with an Alpine 5 channel amp. They are putting the pricing together and I will let you know how it turns out. I looked into satellite radio but there is not way to add to the current system and I dont want the change the main unit because the NAV is tied into it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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