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I call it therapy my wife calls it obsessive! Thought I would share as I have had numerous people think my 2003 CC is brand new. This is result of years of experimenting with various combinations of waxes and polishes. I have had many compliments lately so think I have found the "winning formula" if you are interested.

Most of this can be found on

Great people that will answer all your questions.

First thing is to take your time. All does not have to be done in one day!

1. Get a Porter Cable 7424 Polisher
2. Clay car with Blackfire Polycare II Detailing Clay
3. Polish with Menzerna Intensive Polish w. white pad
4. Polish with Menzerna Final Polish II w. white pad
5. Apply Menzerna Finishing Glaze w. black pad
6. Apply Menzerna FMJ over a couple of days w. red pad
7. Apply Midnight Sun Carnauba
8. My own secret - apply Hammerhead Waxing Frenzy - this stuff is amazing and if you do nothing else get it!
9. Alternate Midnight Sun and Waxing Frenzy between washes
10. Repeat every 6-12 months

For interior use Blackfire Interior Protectant - amazing satin look and finish for vinyl and "painted" leather.

Good luck!
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