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Lionel please explain "tuning the screws"

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I have the same problem you do... I don't like the large spaces above the wheels either.

Since my son flew home for his summer vacation he's been saying that my car is wayyyyy to high and that we should lower it, here is a picture of his BMW...

luuuuvly... isn't it...??? now if I could lower my Mas would be fantastic...
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I'd like to know too, those spaces are driving me crazy. He did a great write up but for slower people like me pictures would be nice :D .
I am not a mechanic so I will try to explain with my words.
Suspension are based on a central part (the shock, part A on the picture that is not a tunable suspension) of which the travel of the suspension is fixed or not tunable on most products. On the Skyhook, the shock is like a screw, by screwing the part B you can augment or reduce the travel capability of the shock. So by screwing inn the right manner, the car is lowered ! But if you do it you must ajust the "geometry" of the car... In my case that was done by my Maserati dealer and it cost me 2 hours of labour.

I hope to be clear enough ! by the way the BMW are not builded like Maserati, so you will never have the same look where the wheels are masked by the bodywork.


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I am not a mechanic either, but I have some understanding of the Skyhook...i beleive it is what is also known more commonly as a Coil?cup over shock/spring suspension. the Screws that are being reffered to are actually Plates which the shock and spring rest upon. ......We have the ability to adjust the height of the suspension rather easily by taking pressure off the Cups (screws), by taking the Spring and pulling the coils closer...thereby releasing pressure off the Adjustable Screw/Cup, this on all 4 sides and you have a lowered suspension....

the finer details is that yes, you need to ensure all 4 sides, or more importantly, the front Left and right, and the rear left and right, are equal heights. I beleive one could adjust the fronts to be lower than the rear....

you would also need to adjust your vehicles Alignment once you change the height of the vehicle or else you will not be getting as much tire rubber on the ground......

It is also likely that you may have more uneven tire wear due to negative camber, where the car may not sit 100% even on the roadsurface.

I think you really need to shop around, there is another Poster here who did his in LA for like $200, ....I was quoted by San Francisco Ferrari $900, and by Silicon Valley Maserati $1600!!!!!!

I have a Lotus which I converted to a Coil over suspension, and my friend and I were able to lower it in less than an hour per side.....I do not see why the Maserati should be any different.

Just my novice non technical take on the issue
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I had the dealer lower my car when I bought it in Long Island.

They have some sort of shims that need to be removed and not many shops have the tool. The Quatroporte stays the same for now.

Screwing the lower cup more will work but now your compressing the spring more and this possibly can change the ride quality.

Ask your dealer or talk to a Ferrari tec firsthand.

Last option is Sport Lowering springs, expensive but Im sure they work great.

The car needs to be lowered, also 19 or 20 wheels look awesome too.
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Thank you for your reply guys,

I think I now understand... the system is just like the Serpent 1/10th scale radio controlled cars we used to race.
It doesn't sound that difficult but when you bring up the issue about being extremly careful on lowering them to the same height is were I hesitate a little... let me ask...

on lowering all sides to the same height do you think counting the number of turns would work...???

I would ask my dealer but :? I'm afraid I know waaay more than they do... and I KNOW NOTHING :)

ah... you guys are also right... I asked my son and he says he had to put the coil overs to lower his BMW.
Hi Paco,

I noticed you're in San Salvador...I used to live there a few years ago & enjoyed it very much. My youngest son is actually a Guanaco & my older two still ask for Pupusas when we drive by Salvadoran restaurants here in Miami.

I can imagine you have fun on the seaside route known as Los Tuneles and the road to Apaneca...I wish we had curves like that here in Miami. I enjoyed those (and almost all others in your country) by motorcycle & I still keep in touch with friends who ride there.

Having experienced the speed bumps you have in many towns I would be cautious about lowering the Maser very much, even though I agree it would look better with less gap between the wheel top & the wheelwell arch. Having had a lowered 911 and a lowered vette before the Maser, I enjoy the fact that it is very difficult to scrape the Maser's front lip.

If you head through Miami & want to talk Maser, give me a holler--


Steven Puig
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