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I recently bought a set of brand new 2021 20" Maserati Silver Teseo wheels with new Lexani LX Twenty tires already mounted - 235/35R20, 285/35R20. I typically have PZero's, but they actually ride smoother... I like them.

I switched out my stock 19" Quattroporte wheels because the offset and shape is exactly the same. Sadly, I sold my Quattroporte yesterday. They wanted the stock wheels. I'm selling them for $2500 + ground shipping. If you want the Maserati valve caps shown on the pics - +$25.

I ceramic coated the wheels with two coats of CARPRO CQUARTZ Dlux Wheel and Trim Coat using an airbrush. They bead nicely and the brake dust washes off very easily. Unfortunately, I bumped one wheel after they were dismounted and scratched the edge slightly. See the attached photo below. There was a 1/4" scratch on one rim on the outer edge when I bought them, but I had it repaired and it's hard to find.

The set has about 350 miles on them so they're basically new.

I also added brand new Schrader EZ Sensor 33700 TPMS.

If you're interested, reply or text me @ 254-744-1691. I'm happy to get the scratch fixed, but it'll set you back $125 because I'd only take it to a good wheel repair shop in Dallas and I'm gonna eat a gyros on your dollar while they touch it up. Afterwards, no one will ever know.

(bird dropped right on my door before the pic)

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