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keep in mind that Italian's are not the greatest electricians, but i haven't had any major problems. if you are getting a GS or coupe CC then the F1 pump is the main concern. the relay tends to die and as a result the F1 pump burns out.

some guy here replace the relay every year just to be on the safe side. the other thing is the car battery, it is really crappy and i would be a good idea to change it for a optima when it dies.

Where it that relay placed in the car? Can anyone show a picture of the location and/or the relay itself? Also, is there a wiring diagram to be had?, model and where to obtain? It sounds like we all should be helping each other out with this and share the results. MNA might not like for us to save our clutches, but I believe we all do here on the forum. My 2 cents!
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