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New Coupe

By coincidence, I visited 2 Maserati dealers last week. The sales manager of my local F-M dealer and the general manager of another F-M dealer in the next city have both apparently recently been to Italy for a meeting. Indepedendently, without prompting or my digging for info or attempting to corroborate their stories, both are quoted as having seen the new coupe.

Very stealth, top secret project. (Perhaps having Ferrari's private Fiorano track facility next door helps keep things under wraps a lot better?). No photos handed out, no photos permitted.

Comments to their sales staffs were that the Coupe will be slightly bigger, more muscular looking, with quite a bit more HP (easy to do by taking the F430 motor and putting some of the Ferrrari muscle back in). Price will be $130ish.

They expect the Coupe to be on the Maserati stand at the Geneva Show on March 8.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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