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Leather Care

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This is the first car that I've ever owned that I actually enjoy washing, waxing, etc. I've never bothered doing much to the interior of my cars, other than vacuum and wash the windows. However, having become completely sold on the Griot's Garage line of products I'm tempted to try their "Leather Care" cleaner (although my seats don't appear to be dirty). They also suggest first cleaning the leather with their "Interior Cleaner." Would anyone recommend that these products be used, and if so, how extensively? I have a leather headliner, and it would appear that the dashboard is also made of leather (very Italian!). Thanks.
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Dear John D,

I would recommend you go to a website called, "," and read the section on leather cleaning and conditioning. I, like you, enjoy detaling my '02 Coupe, and wanted to sort everything out when I initially took delivery, to include cleaning and conditioning the leather. While I did just that with Malm's products, they make the point that some leathers are actually sprayed with a paint or vinyl product that actually prohibits penetration of the conditioner, except for in the seams. While this type of leather is apparently of the cheaper variety, it actually holds up better and shows less wear on front end of the car's life. I think that is what we have in the Maserati, but I am unsure. In any event, whether the surface is, "Sealed," or not, I don't think you will harm the leather by using a cleaner and conditioner. What you will probably find, as I did, is that you will be removing excess conditioner after the time interval you chose for penetration. I let mine bake out in the Florida summer sun for 24 hours and removed the excess the following day. Have fun.

Incidentally, I too think Griot's products are excellent, albeit very expensive. I've had very good luck with Malm's products as well. Their Ultra-Fine polish is an excellent product for removing bug etching or some other type of contaminant without scratching the paint. I have a Nero Carbonio (metallic black) car, so upkeep is demanding.

Frankie P
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