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Just turned my car in for warranty worland oh boy everything is there a lot of leaking, I didnt no that Maseratis can have periods too....

You know with these Italian cars we have , i just wait for a couple of issues come up before i bring the car in due to the fact that it can become very inconvenient.

I originally tunred in the car for the following:

1. Both Headlight washers were missing
2. Engine Check light on
3. Lumbar support stopped working
4. Radio Inoperable at times
5. Seat trim on back of passenger side coming apart
6. And that annoying rubbing or screaching sound at beginning of some accelaration

They took care of all those items under warranty but also has these additonal problems:

1. Oil Pump was leaking
2. Cam Covers were leaking
3. One of the reaer shocks were leaking
4. The check engine light was due to a bad catalytic converter.

SO they replaced the seal in the cam covers, catalytic converters, oil pump and gave me 2 new rear shocks.

When i get my car back on Monday its going to be like a new car with all those new parts. HHAHAHAHAH

I'm just trying to see humor in this situation.....

With all these issues taking place , I am glad i didnt do any after market upgrades, can you imagine what they would have said if all these issues if say i changed the springs, exhaust, and put straight pipes on this bad boy?????

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Yeah same here, can springs arent worth loosing

your warranty, i would hate to see someone spend over $800 and then go to find there shocks are leaking and then have the dealer deny the warranty work and then have to cough up more than $2000. for the new shocks just doesnt make sense....

I am the devils advocate
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