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okay... i guess no one is brave enough (myself included) to take apart their precious car...hehe... this may perk the interest a little. I have successfully fitted a bluetooth kit with the radio 8) . am exploring the possibility of a full integration. Meaning, controlling the bluetooth phone kit though the buttons next to the display. I am not getting any help from anyone thus far. Sad, no pinout diagrams, nothing at all from Maserati as to what kind of bus is runinng in the car. Com'on I am just trying to install something (GSM) they so conveniently disabled in all US, Canadian and Japanese models. Here is what I am suspecting. One of the wire I found, a six pin header, goes on the back of the display. I am not getting any voltage/current on any pins which leads me to believe it is not plugged in. I am also guessing it is a serial connection that it uses to connect to the wonderful GSM kit on european models. If anyone knows how to remove the display I can then figure out what need done to get it to work. Fun eh?!
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