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Launch Control ROCKS!!!

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i started this tread because i was just to exited about discovering i have LC on my car.

calcoupe said:

Hold back the down shift paddle in 1st (foot on brake), the gear indicator will flash and beep, stomp the gas.

OH MY GOD!!!!!

i just tried what you posted in my 03 coupe and i almost had a heart attack when i herd some beeps and the i got the auto light on and a red light that looks like a small Dino chart.

i tested if this was LC and it is...

i put it in sport mode and put the left pedal down and slammed the gas and oh my god the car jumped and changed gears in a way i had never experienced.

i haven't tried it on the 04 coupe but i don't think it will have it. the 03 coupe is my fiance and i drive the silver 04. (i think that the cars are going to have to change)

i want this 03 until i die.

it rocks!!!

i cant even express my excitement i think i have to start a new tread.

- willie


i originally answered a post on another tread and i got a reply explaining that only 02 coupe have LC. we have a 03 coupe and a 04 coupe. i tried to see if i have LC on the 03 coupe and it worked.

it is so, but so cool. the car comes alive and tells you that he is a Italian with racing DNS.

has anyone had some experience with LC?

it would be cool if we can test the difference in speed to 60 or 100 with and without.



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surfnirnava said:
I gave it a go in my '05 4200 and dont think it is LC. I think the car behaves this way because it thinks that with you holding the paddle, there is a fault. It does this if you hold either paddle, and my 'take-off' didnt seem any different.

Hi surfnirnava,

i assume that you are not in the us. (by calling your car a 4200) if that's the case then, you should have LC on your car. is this what it looks like or is It something different.

demoe said:
Willlie, you are just experiencing the performance of stomping on the gas?....If I take off MSP in Sport, I can spin the wheels and my car will take off like a rocket.....
i haven't taken off the MSP, i will do it today and then try, if the car spins its wheels and doesn't launch fast then it's not LC. (that sucks man) the car did launch fast and with no wheel spin. i did noticed that the clutch was engaged instantly even if you don't jam on the gas. try to feel the difference from start with and without this. i think we are on to something.

but it did feel like LC, i have a friend in Mexico that has a F430 and he said that that is the same way he puts his in launch mode, but the did say that on his Ferrari the gear indicator flashes from first gear to LC and i don't see that.

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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