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I just picked up our 2002 Spyder from the dealer. He installed a new two-tang clutch and the latest software update from the factory.

In short, the update is a big improvement over the stock 2002 operation. Here's some hightlights:
- Shifting is much more crisp in Sport mode
- No more variability in shift speed, all are very quick
- Auto mode is VERY smooth (the wife will like!)
- Creep mode is gone
- Throttle blip on Sport Mode downshifting is still there
- Launch is completely changed

Moving the car from a stop has changed dramatically. As you begin to depress the accelerator, the engine gets a 100-200 RPM bump. Quite noticeable. Then the clutch is feathered, earlier than in prior versions. Very smooth takeoff follows.

The RPM bump is a little annoying when you are slowly driving through a parking lot at very slow speed - I'll have to get used to that. The RPM bump happened repeatedly as I slowly moved along. Sounded a little funny.

I've heard that aggressive launches that spin the tires will be more difficult with the new software. The dealer said that torque is limited until RPMs reach a certain level AND until the clutch is fully released. He said quick launches require slow initial takeoff until the clutch fully releases, then hammer the throttle. My tires will like this change, but no more laying down black stripes! Bummer.

Overall, I'm very happy with the change. Big improvement!
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