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Kenne Bell supercharged GT? Yes.

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well, i'm off to go pick up the car from the shop. i had a custom manifold CNC'd as a transition piece from the intercooler to the engine. there was not too much custom fabrication other than that, except for the brackets for the heat exchanger and fuel lines, etc.

the guys told me they got as much as they think is safe on 93-octane gas, and that i should be pleasantly surprised what the car puts to the ground now. they won't tell me what she dyno'd over the phone, to keep it a surprise, but i guess i'm about to find out. i was hoping for 475-500whp and judging by the way he spoke with me on the phone, the car may be exactly at that level.

i'll update this thread with pics and commentary asap. :)
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Holy Cow!!!

Now this is something I am really looking forward to hearing about! Could make my week, especially after the poor showing of Ferrari last weekend... : - )
Not sure the car needed any more power :D ! Sounds very interesting though - hopefully some brake and suspension changes to go with?
niiice... i'd be interested in cost... hopefully i can find someone in the tristate that can do something similar... only problem i see is the reprogramming of the ECU... did your guys run into any problems with that?
who or what is Kenne Bell

you guys are crazy... (but i to am interested in the results..ha)
I too would love to hear more about this including costs. :)

What was ferrari doing last weekend??? Pit strategy like that is not going to cut it!
Yeppers... JT took the walk today....

Piero and Luca let Jean Todt go today, but he is still around on the board in an advisory role...
To answer the questions, the ECU tuning did not present a problem for them, and the car put down 483whp and 455wtq on only 8-9psi of boost. That equates to roughly 565hp at the flywheel.

Initial impressions are... WOW. The car absolutely screams, thanks in no small part to the open Tubi-style exhaust and the natural shriek of the KB blower. I plan on getting personalized tags that read "SCRM4ME" :D

I'll get pics and vids up soon, but here's a vid to give you an idea of how much a KB blower whines on low boost.
The whine is pretty loud, doesn't spoil the nice sound from the exhaust?
what is approx cost for this ????

HOW MUCH ? thx
Great news and good luck with the tuning :)

What about the impact on the unfortunately delicate Maserati clutch? I've been put off modding my GS due to not wanting to change clutch every other week :rolleyes:

Give us some 0-100km times ;) :D
The GT he has is an automatic :]

Im thinking about whther the ZF tranny can handle it... its meant for luxury, not performance.
You're right and I have the same question ;)
Mmm that whine is pretty bad - a bit out of place on a GranTurismo?

I initially thought you meant a Coupe GT - you're right the Turismo does need more power :D.
Pics and Price!?

The wait is killing me....
The wait is killing me....
MrNice should be banned if he does not post a sound clip pronto! :)
and the cost

approx cost 5, 10 15k ?
Was this a Hoax?
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