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chris7469 said:
I bought an 04 Coupe and plan on keeping it for a while. After 18 months and 12,000 miles I have had nothing more than a rattle and seal issue with the drivers side window and a gear shifter that popped off, both of which the dealer fixed. I also found a great local guy for oil, filter and fluid changes. I just put a new set of Goodyear Eagle F1s on and she is purring....

These cars seem to depreciate very fast but are a blast to drive and easy on the eyes. A great bang for your buck!

A few future factors will determine how long I keep my car.

1st. Mechanical condition, I will have to get clutch job(s) and perhaps spend for an f1 pump someday. As long as no other major issues creep up I will be happy.

2nd. Exactly what the new coupe looks like and its price point. If the car is amazing and not over priced, I may wait a year or two and trade mine in for a used one. Maybe on the new coupe clutch and F1 pump issues have been resolved.

3rd. These cars off warranty are still beautiful low mileage Maseratis. I don't think I could part with my car, after its 5 or 6 years old for something in the $30,000 range... There is nothing remotely close out there at that price point.

After you own your car outright and you plan to keep it, figure and average of $4,000 each and every year on maintenance. Thats $333.00 a month and you are still driving a Maserati, (yes it is used and old), but its still very rare, probably in excellent condition and a blast to drive... To me it seems like a bargain...


How fo you like the Goodyear's. I was tempted to put them on but the dealer talked me into the Michelin Pilot Sport2...which are great, whole new car now that those Pirelli crapsters are off there....
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