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To me, the biggest difference is usage. I drive my Maserati Spyder almost everyday. It's great in rain, enough trunk space for routine trips to the store, extremely comfortable, blesses your entire wardrobe with the scent of fine Italian leather, and dropping the top in traffic always puts a smile on my face. And consider this, I get to enjoy the engine, trans, and exhaust note every day while others are scurrying to get to and from work, looking forward to the weekend to get their toys out. I live in/with my toys.... that is why we have them in the first place, to enjoy them, no? I consider the Maserati a daily driveable Ferrari - what could be better?

Appropriately, I no longer think of my daily commute as a 40 minute drive, one way. I now think of work as 9-10hours before I get to jump in my car again.

And as said before, 99.9% of vehicles aren't investments. Your 328 may not depreciate substantially from where it is today, but as far as investments go, no sane financial advisor would ever recommend buying a 328 Ferrari over real estate. One size doesn't fit all. A solid investment in vehicles typically means an ultra rare, ultra expensive car that gets little or no usage and care akin to surgical precision. To enjoy a truly remarkable car, you have to drive it, or you are missing out on the majority of the fun. Instead of a Ferrari or Maserati as garage art, I'd suggest a Picasso. Beautiful, good investment, and intended to be looked at.

Go with the Maserati, it won't disappoint you.
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