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I just test drove the Auto QP Executive.
I have been putting off my purchase of the QP because I would not decide on whether to get the DuoSelect or Auto.
I have already decided that I would like to get the Sport GT trim but auto or DuoSelect?
When driving the auto it was nice in Taipei traffic jams but felt sanitary and plain. The only Duo/CC I test drove was the Gransport version.
I was wondering if there is a big difference between the gransport and QP's feeling?
Also the Exec felt soft in normal settings. In sport settings it felt better but still not quite sporting. The rev stays higher in Sport settings and felt stronger and a touch more responsive.
I am trying secure a test drive in a DuoSelect QP. The dealer here does not have any as they will only sell autos! Duo's are special order!
What are your thoughts? Cannot decide but leaning to the DuoSelect.
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