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Just picked up my '02 CC Spyder last week. Navy Blue ext/Beige int. Love the car so far and for the price I paid for it I think its well worth it.

Already owning a Porsche Boxster (bought as a joke but ended up keeping it) my CambioCorsa is a dramatic upgrade. My real baby was a Chrysler 300C Hemi which was my daily driver for the last few years which I put a considerable amount of upgrades in.

I was a member of the 300C Forums since its creation and considering I had over 1000 posts over there I really hate leaving that community, but from what I can tell with these boards I'm in good hands.

Being a new Maserati owner I have many questions that hopefully can be addressed. I've spent a lot of time reading old posts on here to try and find what I'm looking for so I apologize in advance if I post a question for something thats been addressed in depth.

I look forward to being a part of these boards. If anyone lives in Hawaii, China or Upstate New York let me know as I'm always up for a nice drive. Ciao.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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