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Hello all, I just got an '02 Spyder GT: Silver/Black
6k miles

Its the best deal I've seen out there and happened to be the color and tranny combo that I wanted.

Somehow, I also came out even trading in my '02 C4S w/26k for $62,500 (essentially $64,500 w/tax benefits) since I only paid essentially $63,500 plus tax (3% NC) in the first place for it at 17k in December.

I'm loving the Spyder. The cowl shake is there as expected, but the price was right and it doesn't bother me much. I knew what I was getting into on that front and paying 13-15k additional for an '03 wasn't worth it to me.

Anyway, next stop Tubi.
I tried to get one at Wide World of Cars in Spring Valley, NY but they insisted on $3400 installed. I couldn't get them to budge at all.

Where was it that folks got it for $2800-2900 installed?

Also, I called Algar and they said they sell GHL for the Maserati for $1899. I hadn't heard that GHL made an exhaust for the Maserati and the search on this forum revealed nothing at all.
Anyone know anything about the GHL?
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