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Registrations are coming in fast and furious now. As of today we are nearing 100 pre-registered. This is fantastic, because in years past at this time we usually have about 70. We always get another 15-20 faxes in the last week, along with 15-20 mail in registrations. And then the usual 20+ "Day of Event" registrants.

One cool car that just registered today is a special 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO that set a land speed record at Bonneville of 292+ MPH. :)

Weather is looking great for next weekend! No rain in sight on either Saturday or Sunday, and temps 75+ :)

If you haven't registered yet, please take a few moments to fill out the form and fax it in. Lets make this year the biggest and best Italian Concours yet!

For some reason, Alfa Romeo has a very low registration at this time. If you know folks with Alfa's, see if you can get them to come out.
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