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Thought I would take advantage of the reasonable weather.... for Ontario in winter... to add my paddle shifters. I followed Quadport69's instructions carefully. Thanks for those by the way.

I made sure everything was connected; made sure the airbag connections were there, the black connector in the wheel, the 2 connectors under the paddles and when I connect negative battery, the horn goes off and will not stop. car still starts but horn will continue. I have no idea what to check here. My only thought was that the horn/airbag module may not have been grounded as the 2 pins holding the assembly within the wheel were not fully pushed on (getting it ouit took over an hour).

Any ideas would be appreciated.
I was going to assist but saw you fixed it.
I had this EXACT same problem. The mechanic I had install the paddles pinched the same exact assembly and the horn would just go off for no reason or sometimes stick when I used it. Most annoying and embarrassing at times.

I had to take everything apart and re-fit it all again but it solved the issue.
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