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Is Skyhook an active / reactive system?

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Does it react to the terrain, or is it just cockpit-adjustable suspension? Because I pumped up my front tire pressure from 34 to 40 and the ride is COMPLETELY transformed. Regular mode used to be "59 Coupe de Ville" and now it's more "'94 735iL". Haven't had a chance to try the handling, I've been stuck in traffic, but the difference in regular mode went far beyond what would be accomplished by mere tire pressure.
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I for one wouldn't run with tire pressures that high on the road, you may wind up with more stiffness but less grip. Generally speaking manufacturers do a very good job of taking into account vehicle weight, tire loading and suspension tuning in coming up with the recommended pressures.

I run my car (18's) at 29 PSI.

Track days etc, another story.
squid said:
I'm getting so much rollover on the front tires it was killing them. If I didn't add more pressure it would have just ruined my tires faster. More pressure will give me better wear.
Are you tracking the car? I'm getting no rollover or scrubbing on 18" Michelin PS's at 29. I am quite surprised how stiff the sidewalls are at that pressure.

What tire brand and size?
surfnirnava said:
Yes, Skyhook is an active system with sensors in the wheels measuring forces, speed etc. Is also stiffens the suspension dampers. The sport setting also gives a different MSP setting which makes for livlier handling - scary in the wet!
It even compensates during hard launches. I am reasonably impressed with it.
squid said:
same same..
huh. I must not be driving my car hard enough. :)
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