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Is Dealer Inspection the same as a PPI?

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I am getting close to pulling the trigger on 07 QP. Of the few I have narrowed down to, two are at Maser Dealers. For the private dealers, I would make arrangements to have the local Maser dealer do a PPI. If the local dealer itself is selling the car, should I get a PPI if they say it has passed dealer inspection? If a PPI is recommended for the cars at the dealer, what is the best way to go about getting one if the only Maser dealer is the one selling the car? Thank you for all the input that has been given on this forum. It has been very helpful.
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You should always have the PPI done by a non-related party that has no way to gain from the transaction. A dealer inspection is also not the same inspection.

Think of it this way...

* The proper dealer inspection lets the dealer know that they are able to sell the car and it is safe.

* The PPI lets you know whether you should buy the car and what additional points need to be addressed for your best interest.

Best Regards,
-- Jeff
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