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IPOD In Quattroporte

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:D I just installed a Dension ice-Link Plus IPOD car integration kit. It takes the place of the 5 disc CD changer, and you then use the IPOD like a CD changer and control the IPOD from the cd controls on the console. The IPOD can be hidden. I find the sound to be fantastic, as I now have a direct digital connnection to the car audio system. Also, the security of the IPOD locked in the glove box is a plus. There are some issues because I have a 5 changer cd player, and the ice Link was designed for the standard 6 cd changer found in most ordinary cars. Installation was quick once we figured out that the car is built like a tank, and some installation points are not readily accessible, like the center console. If interested, Dension is on the web. Now, the quest for an in-car phone that will take advantage of the multimedia phone set up, and another port for my XM unit.
Mike Tichon
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I wonder if the same thing can be done with the Gransport.
I am sure it can be done on the Gransport, in fact, if the changer is in the center console, like it was on some models of the coupe, the task is very easy, I think.

Sounds great - a couple of quick questions if I may?

Does the QP Multi Media Centre display the track titles?

Am I right in thinking that the Dension only allows you to select your first five playlists?

Is there a way to navigate your entire music collection by artist/album without touching the iPod?

Many thanks in advance.

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Dension in 2003 Spyder

I've been wanting to do this for over a year. Dension says our cars our unsupported.
Does the QP have the same center console electronics as the Spyder and Coupe? The console system in the Spyder/Coupe is made by Magneti-Marelli, and has a connector that is compatible with a Blaupunkt 5-disc IDC-A09 changer.
A couple of notes. First, I don't think the audio remains in the digital domain. It does come out of the bottom connector on the iPod, but I think it is routed to the analog audio inputs on the radio. I'd be surprised if it is digital all the way. Second, it would be great if the title/artist gets displayed. The Dension website says that on compatible radios this info is displayed, but that is almost too much to hope for on our Maseratis.
This is great news in any case. Thanks for taking the leap of faith and trying it.
The display only shows tracks. The right side cd controls give you a choice of 5 cd's. These will be your first 5 playlists, so the trick is to make your first playlist called 1All and put all your tunes into it. It works for me. The cord out from the Ipod is a digital cord, and what happens once the signal gets into the car audio system, I have no idea, but the sound is very clean. Unfortunately, the radio does not display the title, etc only a track name. I have to use the Ipod to select a specific song or artist if I want to. At least I have the ipod locked away in the glove box and I have clean sound, frankly, to me better than the cds I made in Itunes of my Itunes songs. I can take the ipod out of the glove box and use the wheel to select any thing while it is still connected. Obviously, not something you'd want to do while driving. The unit automatically pauses the ipod when you select the radio or whatever. The console on the Q is built like the proverbial brick sh-- house, so I would not recommend trying to get it to fit in there. Beside, you'd lose the beer cooler, which is the whole point of the car in the first place, isn't it???
Mike Tichon
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iPod in 03 Spyder?

Just bumping this again. Anyone know if the console display system is compatible between the Spyder and QP? By the looks of it, the QP setup is quite differenct (screen/buttons). The Spyder/Coupe system is made by Magneti Marelli. Any info on the manufacturer of the QP console display system?
Re: iPod in 03 Spyder?

great to hear! too bad i paid $xxx for the CD changer already.

from what is described, the 'CD' mimics the playlist, and i think this is the same even with the factory integrated BMW/ipod system.

MikeA said:
... Any info on the manufacturer of the QP console display system?
it is blaupunkt.
Too bad for us Coupe/Spyder owners....

Since the QP is based on a Blaupunkt center console, the Dension works with it.
The problem with the coupe/spyders is that our cars have a Magneti Marelli center console, that has been designed to run a Blaupunkt changer, but isn't truly Blaupunkt. So, it isn't clear if the Dension works with our center consoles. Dension won't guarantee it, and no one has apparently taken the risk and bought one to see if it works. Not a step I'm willing to take, since Dension says they won't take it back if it doesn't work.
Oh well. I think my next step is going to be to purchase a high quality module that inserts the audio into the RF input of the radio directly (not through one of the various transmitters that connect to the ipod and then get picked up by the antenna). I think this way, the incoming antenna signal can be blocked and there won't be interference and constant channel changing to find a channel that the iPod will reliabily work on.
Ipod in Maserati 4200 Coupe solved

I have got it to work using the Dension Ice Link. Please see my solution on the other related threads on this forum.

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