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Luv, Ifound this on another thread "ipod hookup on 2002" or something like that. I think it's worth investigating.

purchased the iPod integration kit from Delorean Pilot off eBay for $90. Very slick, and works like a charm!

As expected, the most difficult part was unhooking the CD Changer harness from the back of the Magnetti Marelli CD unit. I found sitting in the back seat after removing the center console lid, and one of the vents made it much easier.

Anyhow, after hooking it up, I did find that you have to have a CD in the changer to make it work with the iPod. I just stuck in an old CD that I never listen to (something like Lawrence Welk) and the iPod worked like a charm. Of course you can't get anything cool, like the Album artwork, or song names to display on the display unit, but that doesn't really trouble me.

I filed a slot in the box to allow the cable to be pulled our further if needed and also so it won't get pinched with opening and closing the lid.

Very slick indeed.
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