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drdice said:
Do you have to disconnect the cd changer to get this to work or is there a way to have both?
Drdice, here is an alternative way (but pricier) that provides a much more elegant result and can definetly support CD changer); integrating all your electronics onto the Sat Nav screen. From a previous post:

iPOD in your Maser - a much better way!

Well damn, it worked! So there is finally a happy solution to the iPOD in the Maser problem - and more.

Just picked up my 05 QP from the audio shop after having a bunch of electronic boxes and wires hooked up.

Now I have both an iPOD and a Sirius Sat Radio elegantly integrated like it was factory installed. Here are some features of this approach.

Nothing shows, no antenna, no iPODs, no Satellite Radio device. Its just all right there on the Navigation screen, just like CD and Radio do now.

A small simple little wireless remote control runs working with your NAV screen handles all iPOD and Sat Radio operations.

All the info from the iPOD screen and the Sat Radio screens appear on my navigation screen. All iPOD features are there; unlimited playlists and data base info. The MP3 tags show up on the screen (Song, Artist Album, Playlist). A little electronic eye for the remote is embedded behind an air vent. Sat Radio antenna is hidden under the grill on the dash.

Data streams remain digital all the way through. iPOD is mounted under the steering column where the nav disks go (went) in a little holder that also charges the iPOD. Sat Radio mounted somewhere under the dash; never need to access it.

How it works: A company called NAV-TV ( cracked some code and made a box that gets directly into the nav screen electronics and stereo preamp. Don't have a part number but it says Nav-TV Corp Optical on the box and MAS VIM is written on the side. There is an adaptor needed, in the case of the QP system just MAS is written on the side of that box. Its not the car that matters its the maker of the Nav Screen and attached electronics. I'm told they have an adaptor and software for every screen type.

So the NAV-TV box connects to the car electronics using the adaptor. Then an Alpine Electronics Vehicle Hub is connected to that. The Hub can accept signals from iPODs, Satellite Radio (Sirius only), CD Changer, DVD Player and perhaps others. The Vehicle Hub part number is VPA-B221A.

An Alpine iPOD adaptor is required between the Vehicle Hub and the iPOD; part number KCA-420i. Alpine Sat Radio plugs in directly, no adaptor needed.

That's it. Hit the TV button on the dash and all the attached devices appear on the Nav screen, select IPOD, Sat Radio or whatever and off you go. All other factory dash buttons functions and screens are unchanged.

Send me a PM if you need the name of the shop and the people there. Its in North Idaho, by the way. They said they would be happy to take calls from people or other shops trying to do this.

The era of the CD in our cars is gone. The new focus is The Playlist and access to 60GB of music riding 400 horsepower along fine roads. Today's Playlist is yesterday's cd, cassett, 8-track, 4 track.

Jeez, life is good.

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