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Interior issues

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Does anyone find that the chrome (?) on the dash like around the air vents etc. is flaking? Amazing that the car is so incredible to drive but the interior leaves a lot to be desired. Is there anything I can do to replace/repair this problem? The flaking seems to be getting worse.

off topic - what do you do about having your car valet parked? i havent found a Valet who knows how to drive an F1 and sometime I have to have my car parked for security reasons when I'm in the city.

'02 Spyder CC
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On your valet question


I self park it in the best valet spot I see, right up in front of the main door, and then walk right up to them as I am going in, hand them a $20 and ask them to keep an eye on it. I keep the key. Have never gotten any response other than "Yes, sir!" - except once at a private country club where it was in the fire lane and the attendant said he had to keep the key for that reason, but he left it on top of the rear left tire so I could come out and take it anytime I wanted.
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