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Installing trickle charger in '06 GranSport

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I know the battery is behind a right side panel in the trunk, and I've used the clamps to temporarily attach a trickle charger to the battery terminals. And when I do this, I need to leave the trunk slightly open (so the wires don't dent the rubber gasket / seal).

However, I'm looking for a more long term solution. In the show rooms I've seen trickle charger leads going into the pasenger compartment (right front seat area?). They just leave the window down a bit so the wire feeds through with the door completely shut.

In addition to the clamps, my charger came with a set of eyelet wires for a more permanent installation (with a type of quick release wire harness). My question is where would you connect these positive and negative eyelets to?


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That brings up another question...

Isn't there an On/Off switch for the battery?
Should you turn the cut-off to "off" position during storage (say 1-3 months of no use)? If you do, does anything need to be resetlater (radio, etc.)?

Thanks for the advice!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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