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I know the battery is behind a right side panel in the trunk, and I've used the clamps to temporarily attach a trickle charger to the battery terminals. And when I do this, I need to leave the trunk slightly open (so the wires don't dent the rubber gasket / seal).

However, I'm looking for a more long term solution. In the show rooms I've seen trickle charger leads going into the pasenger compartment (right front seat area?). They just leave the window down a bit so the wire feeds through with the door completely shut.

In addition to the clamps, my charger came with a set of eyelet wires for a more permanent installation (with a type of quick release wire harness). My question is where would you connect these positive and negative eyelets to?


The ring terminals ("eyelets") on the wires slip over the small bolts under the nuts that hold the battery terminal connectors onto the positive and negative terminals. And the wire to the charger is thin enough that you can close the trunk without damaging the rubber weatherstripping - I've had mine like that for almost two years and it's fine.
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