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Infamous Radio Reception Question

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Can't get a single AM station tuned in. Not a big issue, just curious (actually gets FM quite well, and the music I listen to - Tool, Black Keys, reggae - you'll never find on the radio). AM happens to be the source of news/traffic/weather/sports, so I'd like to make it work for 1-2 stations if I could.

In the past with other vehicles, I've run into this with grounding problems or other electrical gremlins. That's the only reason I'm even thinking twice about it.

Per the service records I recieved from the dealer, the NIT module was replaced (mine is a 2003).

My advise to myself: Put in a CD, turn it up (though not too loud to drown out the V8 rumble), and quit complaining. :wink:
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Oddly if you look at the Car and Driver article on the Coupe (first one I saw, circa 2002 I think) their test car has a flexible Fuba-style antenna on the left rear flank. They mount their CB antennas on the roof and take them off for photos, so it's almost definitely a radio antenna.
RickBullotta said:
Off topic, Mark, but Tool is in the studio and working on new music! :twisted:
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