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Infamous Radio Reception Question

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Can't get a single AM station tuned in. Not a big issue, just curious (actually gets FM quite well, and the music I listen to - Tool, Black Keys, reggae - you'll never find on the radio). AM happens to be the source of news/traffic/weather/sports, so I'd like to make it work for 1-2 stations if I could.

In the past with other vehicles, I've run into this with grounding problems or other electrical gremlins. That's the only reason I'm even thinking twice about it.

Per the service records I recieved from the dealer, the NIT module was replaced (mine is a 2003).

My advise to myself: Put in a CD, turn it up (though not too loud to drown out the V8 rumble), and quit complaining. :wink:
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I've found our high power local stations work great, but the lower power guys are hopeless. The reception is better at night vs. day, but that is to be expected, and it is also better with the engine and fans turned off. I think this is entirely to do with the hidden antenna design, rather than the radio internals. I don't know if its possible to change the antenna.

If anyone wants to know what an optimum antenna length for their band of AM is, let me know.
(I have a HAM radio license - KC0DCP, and some experience with antenna design \ radio reception)

Also; I will agree with Bullota - Tool is not something you will generally find on the radio, but I love my iPod. Thats actually the band that got me into stereo upgrading in the first place - as you really can't listen to them properly on poor equipment.

- Mark
RickBullotta said:
Off topic, Mark, but Tool is in the studio and working on new music! :twisted:
Yeah, they've been in the studio working on the new album for over a year now I think. From some of the rumblings going around, they have reserved some stadiums in south america next summer\fall, so we are expecting to see an album by late winter\early spring and the US tour starting shortly thereafter.

If you haven't seen them, I highly suggest it. I've seen them 3 times now, and they are my top 3 of over 200 shows.

In case some of our other members aren't familiar with tool, they are essentially my generation's pink floyd.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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