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Regarding Andrews E mail just wanted to add that it seems that this site is slowly moving along and thank you for giving us the attachment ability, Finishing the Model page would be great and would love to see some sort of sponsors coming here. Trying to find anything after-market for Maserati is next to impossible, hopefully as Maserati grows here in the U.S the after-market stuff would follow and this would be a great site for them to list on. About a membership package, I would be more than willingly to pay for subscriber benefits, I feel this site is like an investment for me as if this site helps to get people who are researching Maserati, to buy will help resale for all of us. Also just to let you know I came very close to canceling my order till I found this site. Really helped me decide the Spyder was worth a try. And after 3 months can easily say I have never liked a car this much
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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