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Can anyone tell me a quick way to find out what type of immobiliser has been fitted to my 3200GT?

I presumed it was fitted as standard but my insurers insist not.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the dumb question.
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I too had issues when trying to insure my 4200. I dont know where you are but most general insurance companies in the UK insist on having a 'Thatcham approved' system and a tracker. Maserati dont fit a 'Thatcham approved' system as they would have to donate a car to be wrecked by testing. If you shop around you will get cover. My insurance company is Royal & Sun Alliance - High Net Worth (Car) policy. I got this through a company called A Plan Insurance. My car has the standard Maserati immobiliser.
thanks for the advice.
In the end, I got the insurance company to talk to the dealership, and it was resolved that way.
The insurance company accepted that the immobiliser, though not Thatcham approved, was of equivalent standard.
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