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Wouldn't it be better to buy the car then sell it?

1,500 a month to lease a Maserati does not make sense to me. It costs you $36,000 for 24 months to use a brand new Maserati.

Why not buy a slighty used Maserati and sell it after 24 months? Due to the HUGE depreciation they get hit with in the first year or two, you may end up better.

For example, lets say you find a nice 04 or 05 maserati for 70,0000 80,0000. A loaded Maserati with less than 2,500 miles. Given what I see 02 - 03 coupes selling for, I think your car will be worth more than 34,000 - 44,000.00 As a result of buying and selling it, it may only have cost you a 1,000 each month after all the dust settles.

These cars "used" seem to offer excellent value for the money. I paid 70,000 for my 04 white CC in July with 1,000 miles. The sticker was 97,000 and they put a Tubi on it. So say it was $100,000 new.

I don't know how much more enjoyment I would have gotten from driving that 1,000 miles, and I certainly don't think paying $30,000 for 1,000 miles and an extra 12 months of warranty was worth it to me. I'd rather save that money and put it towards future service and clutch.

If money is no object and you can't find a suitable Maserati then I understand. But it seems as though, the HUGE discount you can get buy picking up a Maserati with a few thousand miles is a great deal.

Maybe I am missing something. Please let me know. Regardless of what you decide. Good luck with your purchase. These cars are beautiful and SO much fun to drive.....

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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