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I removed the rear swaybar and the power steering

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Because of my trofeo suspensions, the car hop too much on the little bumps of the track. Andrea Belicchi advised me to soften my rear suspensions. So I decided to remove my rear swaybar (disconnected at this time). What a change ! The car is transfigured ! The car hop 80% less and stick to the asphalt like glue !

The car is more comfortable too. I removed the power steering some weeks ago. Today I confirmed it is a good idea. Even in bad situation I can control the car. And this time I can "read" the track !

The following video was 1 hour before I removed the swaybar...
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Rusty, everything is on my blog.

BTW, the back seats are removed and I drive my car on the road (not very legal, but I do).
I only removed the pump. The steering is very hard at slow speed but very usable on a track. There is still an unprecise spot a the central point, same as with a the power steering but more evident...
Is it the normal 2-3 degree mushy spot, or worse than that?
Not worse, but it is not so "normal" to me.
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