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PhreaKwenCi said:
Yep, I got 2 of em'.

First let me introduce myself: I'm Jan, from Baltimore, MD, 29 years old, new to mas's and a humble student of those who know more than I...

Ok, I've recently aquired 2 1986 biturbo maser's.

1. Biturbo Spyder

2. Biturbo Quattroporte 4 door.

Both have around 30,000 miles

Both have been sitting for about 7 years without being turned on.

Both are currently located in front of my house.

SO... What the hell do I start with first? I didn't get a chance to look them over very well at first cuz the owner offered both to me at a price I'd be an idiot to refuse. So I swept it up (much to his chagrin for a tax write off) and had them towed to my place.

Advice please? Where to start first? What do I look for? Should I even try to start them up or are there things I need to do first before I completely wreck something?


try starting the engine first :) heeheeh get batteries?!

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