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My cruise control setting function on the indicator stalk stopped working (it's the rotating bit)

Having ordered and fitted a new unit I decided to take the old one apart and see why it broke.

It turns out that a small metal pin had become dislodged inside which resulted in the rotating bit not moving the pin and therefore not activating the cruise control.

To fix it is very simple and can de done with everything intact.

1.) Carefully prise off the end cap (bit with RCL on) using a blunt knife.

2.) Pull off the rotating bit, which will reveal a small metal pin.

3.) Carefully pull the pin out approx 1mm using round nose pliers.

4.) Reassemble.

Inside the rotating bit you'll see a plastic bit that the pin locates in. It's a little bit of trial and error as to how far out you pull the pin. You'll work out in 2 seconds how far is too far, or not enough.

Total repair time is less than 4 minutes. Total cost is nil (GBP or US$)

Or you can do it the hard, relatively expensive way like I did :rolleyes:

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